Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spoiled Dog

My dog, J-dog, has been running around in a black leather collar with diamond-shaped metal studs for a couple of years now. One of the studs fell off a while back, and the leather is starting to look frayed, and I started feeling guilty that my dog looked so neglected.

Yes, I know.

A couple of months ago, I went to the large chain pet store where J-dog's vet is located to try to replace his collar. It's where I bought the current one, and they have an entire aisle devoted to dog collars, so I didn't think this was a futile task. One black leather dog collar with silver studs (not spikes, studs; this dog shares my bed, after all) coming up!

Except not.

Apparently the one collar this store doesn't carry is a black leather collar with studs. They carry patent leather collars, collars with bling, nylon Harley Davidson collars, collars that say "Princess" and "King", nylon collars in every color under the rainbow, rolled leather collars, collars with every type of spike... it goes on and on and on.

I checked back at this store earlier this week, with no luck again. So I ventured into the scary online world of the "pampered pet", where you can easily spend $150 for an alligator-skin dog collar. I found a reversible collar that says "Rocker" on one side and "Badass" on the other; nylon collars that say "Stud" and "Bitch"; even a collar called "Rose and Swarovski Crystal". In other words, the sky is the limit.

We ended up getting J-dog a cute collar (and matching lead) from this company. It's the one with the blue stars. He looks super handsome in blue.

Oh, and the picture at the top? That's him curled up on top of the cushions of a couch. The cushions for your back, not your butt. He's easily lying upon 3 solid feet of cushion. I didn't pose him for this picture; this is honestly where he prefers to be. He's currently lying on "his" papasan chair, under two blankets.

My poor, neglected dog.

/crazy dog lady


my dog loves me more than your dog loves you said...

don't feel so bad. One of my dogs wears a collar I fashioned out of duct tape, and the other one has a piece of rope I found in the back of my car.

The Peanut Gallery said...

Okay, I have two weird coincidences for you.
1. My husband and I have been searching for a black collar with studs for our little 6 pound chihuahua-esque dog. We can NOT find one anywhere and we have two big chain petstores in town. We just think it'd be so funny to have a tiny dog in a tough collar.

2. My dogs like sitting on the couch cushions for your back, too. I thought this was something only cats liked. But even my 25 lb dog likes it. My cushions are getting warped. I walked into the living room last night and saw two cats and a chihuahua all sitting together on the back of the couch. Very odd.

I just realized I have more animals than is probably normal. Oh well.

MixieArmadillo said...

Shameless plug!
I swear I am not a sleezo spammer, but I stumbled across your blog searching for something completely random. As it turns out, I've got a little business making handcrafted leather dog gear that I guarantee is better quality than most you'll find and won't cost you $150 either ;0).
I know you found Jester a cute collar, but if you're ever again in the market for a studded one, check me out:
There's a 6 lb min-pin in a purple and green spiked collar in the custom gallery, too.
Also, both of my cats AND my 120 pound dog like to crowd into my tiny bathroom with me in the mornings. The cats seem to regard any wasted lap-sitting opportunity as a grievous feline oversight, and I think the dog just feels left out. I kept trying to beat them in the door and shut it before they could squeeze in, but the cats would just wedge the door open and they'd all pack in anyway... and if they couldn't get the door open, the cats would stand on the other side howling while my dog smooshed his nose to the door crack and snuffled. I'm not entirely sure what the charm is in that particular situation, but I finally figured it was less trouble to stop arguing about it. The more furry little feet, the merrier, I guess.