Saturday, February 24, 2007

For my seester

From Urban Dictionary:

scut work: Used frequently in teaching hospitals by junior residents and medical students to describe mindless and thankless errands, such as chasing down radiology reports, drawing blood, and staying on hold with public health -- anything which is heavy on the "service" and light on the "education."

Apparently derived from scutwork, meaning "the work of a useless person."

scutmonkey: A person who does scut work, especially a junior medical student or intern (aka, ME).


In the medical field, scut work is the paper work, the clean up, the daily grind to get patients in and out of the hospital quickly. It's the shit work that has to get done, but nobody wants to do it. For example, pulling Foley catheters out is a job no one wants to do, so it gets passed down the totem pole. Doing rectal exams, looking at feet, filling out discharge paperwork, writing stacks of prescriptions before a patient leaves... all of these are scut work.

And now you know.

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