Saturday, February 10, 2007

Not Studying...

I've been reading medical blogs. I've updated my blogroll on the sidebar. And, I've come to a very sad realization. Until today, I had managed to delude myself into thinking that I was the only medical blogger to pick this particular template. Many people use the dark blue one that I used to use, so I switched to this one--it's more cheerful. And I talked myself into believing that I was the only one.

It was a dumb delusion, I knew that. After all, thousands of people use Blogger, and there are only a few templates available through Blogger itself, so obviously there are going to be thousands of people using this particular one, but it was still a shock to click a link and see a blog that looked almost exactly like mine, dealing with medical issues. The main differences are that the blogger in question is a Canadian family practice resident, and she has about 13,000 more hits than I do.

I am a beautiful unique snowflake, just like everyone else. *sigh*

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