Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What is she going to do with her life?

So a question I field all the time is "What kind of doctor do you want to be?" I figured I would write this out, since I'm not sure, and this way I can keep track of my current feelings versus what I feel like after I'm done with my rotations.

Heavy-Weight Contenders:
#1- OB/Gyn: I like taking care of women, and feeling like I'm involved in women's issues in whatever way possible. I know I like Gynecology, so it remains to be seen if I enjoy Obstetrics as much (it's pretty messy).

#2- Infectious Disease: I like bacteria. They are cool as hell.

Other contenders include:
Pediatrics, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, Family Practice, Surgery (*new*), Emergency Medicine, and Maternal/Fetal Medicine

Absolute No-No's:
#1- Gastroenterology: I don't like poop.

#2- Urology: I don't like pee.

#3- Radiology: I don't like being stuck in dark enclosed spaces all day. Interventional Radiology might be cool, but the residency is like 6 years long.

#4- Internal Medicine: I don't like "tweaking" diabetes meds and blood pressure meds once a month to see how the numbers come out. I'd rather do a specialty like Endocrinology than just superficially tweak the meds.

#5- Psychiatry: the doctors are as crazy (or crazier) than the patients.

#6- Neurology: I hate brains. I've killed mine.

#7- Anything super super super specialized. I like routine, but not boredom. I don't want to do heart catheters and stress tests all day.

No-Man's Land (the waiting list; will they move up or down?):
Anesthesiology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Pathology, and other specialties I can't remember right now

Stay tuned!

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