Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What am I going to do when I grow up?

So 4 weeks into surgery, and I'm having to entirely rethink my career. I really, really like surgery, and I'm utterly shocked by it. I thought I would hate it! This brings up several dilemmas for me. 1) Will I still like OB/Gyn? 2) Is there a way to do surgery or a surgery residency and have any kind of lifestyle? (For that matter, how about in OB/Gyn?) 3) Would I be satisfied in general surgery, or should I re-evaluate the subspecialties? 4) Surgical subspecialties? HOLY GEEZ, those residencies are long! 5) I know I'm a *good* student and candidate, but am I an *outstanding* candidate? The kind residencies want to hire? 6) Back to subspecialties, would I be satisfied in a more narrow field? If I did just eyes, or just penises, or fixed noses and boobies in plastics, would I be happy? 7) If I choose any of these fields, will my kids grow up to know their mommy?

It's July 2006, and I have 1 year to make up my mind. I'm not sure now that a year is enough time.

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