Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hospital kills sex drive, part deux

  • I saw a piece of equipment today called a "rectal Foley". A normal Foley is a tube that goes into the bladder and empties into a bag. You can connect those dots. This particular rectal Foley wasn't working properly. Do I need to continue?
  • I had to help hold a 400 lb man on the OR table while surgeons pumped water into his rectal wound to clean it. Turns out that the morbidly obese are prone to injuries that literally split the skin from the underlying muscles through the fat, so this guy had tracts through his fat. The elderly surgeon was sticking his hand into the hole going "look, I'm almost up to my elbow!"
  • Same patient as before: When he was turned on his side, my friend holding up the abdomen was stuck with his face 3 inches from the guy's colostomy bag. We put a towel over it, just in case it popped.
  • 400 lb men need special operating tables, as their belly and boob fat hangs off the regular OR table.

I went straight from that surgery to lunch.

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