Thursday, February 02, 2006

Turn on the Mush-O-Meter, set it to High

My fiance wrote this about us the other day:

On a board I frequent, the question was asked... "Are you the best for your SO?" My answer:
I am certain that no one has and likely ever will love me as much as she does. I know that she sees me as being the best of all things for her... which is what makes it so hard on the rare instances where we do fight or I do something stupid. It's weird for me to be the one on the pedestal sometimes.

I know that no matter what disagreements we may have or problems we encounter, there is that core of "us" that we always go back to. We keep each other balanced in ways that we've never had before with anyone else. And we survived two-and-a-half years of [long-distance]. If we can endure putting ourselves through that, I think we can endure anything together.

We help each other be the best possible versions of ourselves that we can be. She's a part of me as much as anyone could be and I am the same for her. We have the kind of love that grew out of crazy passion and lust and sustained itself into the stuff that lifetimes together are made of. We're a family. A family in the way that I always thought two people should be and that I never really saw in my parents.

There may statistically be someone out there that's better for either of us... but I'm not holding out for that. We've made a commitment to each other. We're going to get married, have a home, have careers, have kids, and everything that comes with that... and we're going to do it together. I can't imagine it being any other way.

In other news, my friend Basia found me the most incredible t-shirt ever. It really is too bad it's (not its) sold out, as I am totally, utterly IN LOVE (with the T-shirt, of course)!
This rivals one of my other favorite T-shirts of all time, which I have yet to purchase. This one also describes me rather well, I think... Available only at, since my birthday is coming up (in December...)

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