Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Evolution Takes Its Course...

The other day I saw a man fishing out of a local bayou. I was horrified.

So why did I care that the man was fishing out of the bayou? For starters, it's a body of water usually less than a foot deep, so perhaps he was fishing for frogs or minnows, but I doubt any serious fish were present. Second, it doesn't have a great reputation for cleanliness of its water, but hey, neither does the Gulf. Third, and most importantly, the man was fishing about 100 yards downstream of a sewage treatment plant so foul that I have to roll my windows up and hold my breath as I drive by most days. Downstream of the drainage from the sewage treatment plant = this man was fishing in sewage. Can you say "fecal-oral transmission"?

I wonder if he got cholera from the truly enormous fish he caught.

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