Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Laptop!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe this, but I'm actually typing this from my laptop! It may never work again, but by golly, it is now and I'm enjoying it. My fiance worked some kind of voodoo magic on the router, or something, and voila! it works now. Maybe I won't have to call Dell after all.

Other than becoming an aunt this week, it's been pretty boring. I don't have any wild, funny stories about hairy locker room ladies, or anything similarly hilarious to share today. I'm watching the first Harry Potter movie while I study, but I've been too enticed with this fabulous "Inter-net" device to do much studying. *sigh*

Seriously, bus driving has never looked so good. Sure, the hours suck, but not as badly as my hours will next year. I'm sending my fiance to a class for "parents and spouses of clinical-year medical students". It's a support group for the unfortunate loved ones who have been bereaved by the jealous lover, Medicine.

Ooh, Malfoy just gave Harry the LOOK that says "You're mine, bitch!" I must get back to my fangirl activities... I mean, rewatching Harry Potter for the 1000th time. Man, I'm sad.

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