Saturday, November 19, 2005

Paradigm Shift

We're on the other side now. We cannot go back, it's too late. We can only go forward.

I bought a wedding dress.

Yes, indeed, I have made the purchase, and bought the dress, veil, shoes, petticoat, and fabulous bustier. I'll go back in January, with the altered bustier, and try on the dress for alterations. The bustier, which is the key to the whole system, came from the most FABULOUS lingerie store in the world. I walked in, said I needed a bustier, and the lady took one look and brought out the right one. In the right size. In the right fit. And she's going to alter it to fit even better, accentuating my waist and hips. Tres French. This is even more amazing considering the bra was a size 36 DDD/E and she just happened to have it in stock. And it's beautiful. I also bought a beautiful French bra and panty set that is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Wow!

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