Saturday, November 12, 2005


... is an actual medical abbreviation, meaning "bright red blood per rectum". Just think, this happens often enough that it gets its own abbreviation. Woo. In just 7 more months, I will get to handle that BRBPR and do a guiac of said BRB, which basically means smearing poo on a card to make sure it's got blood in it. Woo. I love how doctors who have to deal with actual shit, namely residents, and nurses, get paid the least of anyone in health care (except the janitors), while the people who don't have to deal with shit get paid more. An attending can send his resident (or even better, 3rd year medical student who is too scared to say no for fear of the dread P grade in his chosen field) to do that guiac, or rectal exam, and comfortably drink coffee in the physician's lounge. Oh, how I long for that day!

It's not really quite that bad. The attendings still get some shit, after all.

The shit starts now, in the lab known as gross. And oh, is it. I have a strict "no poo policy" with my tank groups, meaning that I simply won't deal with shit. I had to last year, and now I'm earning the big bucks to watch the first years deal with shit. That's probably enough said, as I've been nauseated all day, and typing what I was about to type was making me feel sick. If it was making ME feel sick, any poor reader (all 2 of you) who is not in medicine (1 of you) might really get sick. Suffice it to say, there are times in lab now when I just have to turn away. There have even been times when I have to walk away. I'm going to be known as the wussy pedagogue who knows nothing and won't even deal with poo. Damn.

I would type more, but I've been staring at this computer screen for several hours now (yes, on a Saturday night) and I'm feeling queasy again. Time for beddy bye bye.

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