Friday, November 04, 2005

I blinked and a whole week went by...

I swear, it was just like yesterday that I wrote about all those poop jokes, then got home and took my dog to the new Bark Park. Where did the time go? I'll tell you: most of that time was spent in the gross anatomy lab. I started 'pedagoguing' this week, which is a (poorly) paid position for second year med students to teach first years in the gross lab. I was lucky enough to get stuck with Block 3, which involves the abdominal, perineal, and pelvic dissections, which basically means A LOT OF POO. I'm also tutoring two students in gross anatomy, which basically means that I know way more gross than my own subjects at the moment. (In med student speak, the course of gross anatomy will hereafter be referred to simply as "gross", which may or may not be a play on words.) I have been in the gross lab every day for the past 5 days and continuing into tomorrow. I'm also walking in the Heart Walk tomorrow morning and tutoring tomorrow afternoon.

My fiance and I spent the evening at a dinner hosted by a Catholic organization at my school. They have one of these events once a year where the resident priest and nun try to recruit good little Catholics to come study there, attend Mass at their church, etc. However, for the dinners, you do not have to be a member of the organization, or even Catholic, which is how I've ended up going for the past 2 years. Free food and booze, since Catholics like to drink when they get together. I grew up Southern Baptist, so I still get weirded out watching a priest drinking Budweiser. It's cool, though. I think we were the only 2 people there who did not cross themselves when they said grace, and I know I referred to the "minister" who will be wedding us, so I know the priest pegged me as a Protestant. Eh well. Free food and booze! We had lasagna... *is still drooling*

Speaking of this evening's festivities, I owe a classmate a huge apology (sortof). I wrote a post about a young man I referred to as "KU", for "Kiss-Up". This same young man was present at this evening's festivities, and he was clearly on his best behavior. There were two small children present, and KU actually interacted quite well with them. He also carried on very normal conversations at dinner and referred to getting drunk last weekend. This is a big step for a guy who started damning homosexuals in front of a large group of my classmates last year--including a lesbian. He also needed to go "pray for them" when we had an AIDS awareness week last year that involved passing out free condoms. In light of this new data, I have decided to rename KU to "Annoying Boy", as it may or may not be less harsh.

So what is it about getting married that makes me an interesting person now? I know people mean well, but it's like people I barely know are just going nuts when I mention that I'm getting married next summer. It's also causing me some anxiety, kind of like mentioning the BOARDS, because people expect me to be so much more prepared than I already am for this whole wedding thing. "What is your date?" "What is your color theme?" "Will your roses be matching your dress?" "What designer is doing your dress?" (to which the answer is "David's Bridal"--I'm getting married on my student loans, here, people, I can't afford Vera Wang, and even if I did, I don't think she makes anything in my size) and, the worst question of all, "Can I come to your wedding?" Ouch. We're probably getting married in the Rocky Mountains (I keep saying probably, but we haven't looked anywhere else), and we're getting married on a strict budget. Therefore, everyone who comes to the wedding is costing us $$. I want the people who matter and NO ONE ELSE. Even some people who kind of matter won't be invited. To solve this dilemma, we're having a party here after we get back from the honeymoon for everyone who couldn't come. Still, I feel bad saying "We're having a very small wedding", which basically means "You're not worthy of being invited". Yes, I have guilt issues. I just have issues in general, actually.

So now I need to wade through the pile of crap that has accumulated on the floor during this hectic, crazy week and try to clear a path through it so I can *attempt* to get caught up this weekend. *le sigh*

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