Thursday, August 30, 2007


Man, I love the Rocky Mountains. I'm spending the end of my week off up here with my mom & stepdad, eating my leftover wedding cake and thoroughly relaxing. I took a walk around a mountain lake today (huffing and puffing--I don't do well with altitude). It felt great to be outside in the middle of the day and NOT be covered in sweat. Tonight, I'm sleeping in full PJ's and a sweatshirt, because it's getting down to the 40's tonight--such a wonderful change from our 85+ degree apartment (and we STILL have $200 electric bills!). Also, I learned something very interesting: my mother has started writing fan fic.

My mother.

Writes fan fic.

About her favorite television show, Jericho, which was canceled.

Life never stops being weird, does it? I outed myself as a blog writer and she kind of went, "That's nice." I guess some things never change. (You don't read this, but I kid, Mom, I kid!)

Actually, some things do change. My mom has lost 20+ lbs and LOVES it. My sister has lost around that amount, and my dad has lost 25 lbs. That leaves me, The Last Fatass. It's so easy to say "It's too hard in medicine, I don't have time to eat right, I don't have time to exercise," but that scares me, because my life is never going to be stress-free. It's never going to be any easier to exercise, or eat well, or take better care of my plants and pets. I keep saying this, and I keep sitting on my butt watching Discovery Channel instead of going to the gym. I also keep saying, I don't care how much I weigh, so long as I am fit, but it's a lie. I want to be thin, or at least thinner. I'm tired of being barely under the "obese" category of BMI. For now, though, I'd settle for being able to climb a flight of stairs while having a conversation, or two flights of stairs without being winded for 10 minutes afterward.

For right now, I'm going to sit on my butt, watch "Dirty Jobs", finish this blog post, and go sleep. Mmm, sleep.


Midwife with a Knife said...

Jericho was cancelled? I loved that show!

enrico said...

I got the free pilot of Jericho on iTunes. The show was GREAT until it was clear there were no more bombs. I grew up with "The Day After" and I wanted something more akin to that level of chaos, destruction and despair, instead of (what seemed to be) "let's all pull together." It had that "CBS" feel-good seed that made me not want to see more episodes, but I could be mistaken. If you tell me there are more bombs somewhere,I'll go watch. ;)

As for everything else, preach, sister. Other than trying to get my sanity back in check, losing weight (for health and necessity, not looks) is my #1 priority. I never understood those who said, "An appropriate activity level is having a conversation while exercising." Yes, a conversation about what the defibrillator settings should be charged to...

catherine said...

Dirty Jobs! That's one of our new found favorites. And Survivorman.