Saturday, September 01, 2007


Dear Applicant,

Your credit card payment has been submitted; and your ERAS applications have been made available for download by your designated programs. To verify receipt of your payment or to review payment history, access 'Invoice History', located in the Programs section of MyERAS.

If, for any reason, ERAS receives notification that your financial institution is unable to authorize payment or is disputing the charges on your behalf, you will be contacted and required to provide another form of payment immediately to avoid withdrawal of your application(s). To confirm that payment has been received and processed, review 'Invoice History' located under the Programs section of MyERAS. It will list all payments applied to your account to date. Questions about the status of your account should be sent via e-mail to Be sure to reference 'Billing' on the subject line.

Using your AAMC ID and password, access the Applicant Document Tracking System (ADTS) from to monitor receipt of your application materials by programs.

Best wishes in your search for a position.

ERAS Staff

Too late to turn back now!


Gauderio said...

I more thought, "Thank goodness!" when I clicked that final "submit" at 3 am this morning. Maybe I was a little neurotic about submitting first thing...

The Peanut Gallery said...

*breaks into cold sweat*

I haven't even STARTED my application.

*deep breaths*

After I finish Step 2 CS, I will do it. Geeze. I feel like such a slacker.

Basia said...

I hate you 2. I'll submit mine in a few weeks.

Midwife with a Knife said...

Scary, but exciting. :) I feel like when I applied, the ERAS application couldn't be submitted before October. The deadlines must've shifted.

Now, just sit back and watch the interviews roll in.

Allison said...

I... don't even know what this is.

Jennifer said...

Be glad you don't!

(It's my residency application)