Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Somebody Help Me? Please?

To anyone who reads my blog:

I am trying to submit my blog to the Healthcare Blogger Code of Ethics gallery of blogs. In order to do so, I have to submit a comment from a reader of my blog. Here's an example submission.

What I'm asking for is this: if just ONE person (of the 3 who read this) could think about why they come over to this corner of the internets to read this thing, write it down (just a sentence or two), and post it in the comments section of this post, that would be AWESOME.

Thanks a bunch!



Peg said...

I am a pre-med student and I love reading about what doctors and med-students have to say. I linked to your blog through someone elses (can't recall whos)and loved it so now I check it everyday.

Anonymous said...

Good post on hand washing and dirty white coats- germs in general. I picked up the blog post on the grand rounds list and sent the site on to infection control as an FYI

Medical Library

Tiny Shrink said...

Much appreciated, both of you! Thank you for reading!

Black Mariah said...

I also am a pre-med student who happened to find your blog through fellow medical bloggers and keep yours along with others as my daily reading. It's great to read actual accounts of the experiences from those who regularly dedicate time into blogging about their lives inside and outside medicine.

Tiny Shrink said...

I'm still stuck on that idea, "lives... outside medicine." Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!