Thursday, October 26, 2006

This Makes Me So Mad

How DARE Michael J. Fox exploit his illness in order to push support for stem cell research? I mean, after all, he should just LIE BACK AND SUFFER, since God has punished him with Parkinson's disease. Pro-life decisions only apply to embryos and fetuses, not 45-year-old men with four children to raise and support. I mean, he was OBVIOUSLY faking his tremors and mask-like facies in order to garner sympathy votes! The same with that Christopher Reeve--he should have just lain in bed and accepted God's disdain, instead of driving around in that unnatural wheelchair contraption campaigning for stem cell research. My man Rush Limbaugh has hit the nail on the head with this one: it's a huge liberal "deception" to push for "cures that don't exist", and "the idea that certain people because of their victim status are allowed to enter the fray with impunity is something [he is] not going to subscribe to". Just because we feel sorry for someone doesn't mean we should take what they're saying seriously! Just because Fox is up there shaking away doesn't mean that Parkinson's is so bad! There are perfectly good drugs for Parkinson's--give you a few good years, and then you should go meet your maker like a good boy. And all this talk about "adult stem cells" versus "embryonic stem cells", it's all baloney. A stem cell is a stem cell is a DEAD BABY. Period. End of discussion.

This senator wannabe McCaskill, for whom Fox made the FAKED ad, is all about killing babies to make stem cells. See? This Ballot Initiative, even though it forbids making an embryo just to destroy, and bans human cloning, is CLEARLY a threat to our nation's unborn. The current Senator Talent is CLEARLY in tune with what Americans want (he supports whole-heartedly Bush's recent decision to fence the Mexican border), and even though he never mentions it on his website, I'm certain that he wants what is best in the way of medical research in adult stem cells. I can sense it.

And just because the three candidates Fox has campaigned for are Democrats, don't be fooled. He'd campaign for a Democratic monkey because he hates Republicans. I mean, the guy running against Rep. Cardin in the Maryland Senate race, Lt. Governor Steele, has likened embryonic stem cell research to Nazi experiments--clearly this Steele is a candidate who is stable, in control of his emotions, and also in tune with the American people.

Damn that Michael J. Fox. He should go shake somewhere else so I don't have to see it and think about how horrible Parkinson's disease is. And this whole stem cell thing is probably a pipe dream anyway; it'll never work to cure Parkinson's.


Phalanx said...

Everyone knows Arlen Specter is just a closet Democrat anyways... ;)

Chemgirl1681 said...

I know, how dare Rush Limbaugh try and make a fool out of Michael J. Fox. Does Limbaugh even know anything about Parkinson's Disease? Obviously not! If he did he would know that sometimes the medicine works and sometimes it doesn't, not to even go into the side effects. I just think it is ridiculous for people to be opposed to taking an ovum, which by the way is going to be distroyed, and letting it produce a few cells. Were not talking about creating a whole baby just letting the cells replicate a few times! I think the media is responsible for fueling peoples fears of the unknown and are making judgments about something they don't know the facts on.

nibbler said...


i hate rush limbaugh. true hate

Miette said...

This whole situation enraged me. Note to Rush Limbaugh: Grade three called, they want their level of reasoning and debate back!