Thursday, October 05, 2006

How to Vote in Texas

[Author's note: in 2006, Texas had an interesting gubernatorial election. I wrote about it, since I used to live there.]

So in all honesty I could care less who any of you vote for in November 2006. What is important to me is that you vote. As I was rooting around on the Internet, I came across some handy websites I'd like to share:

  • Locate Your District By entering your address and/or zip code, you can find out what congressional districts you live in, as well as who the incumbent is for that district.
  • Don't Vote Also a place to find your incumbent, as well as who they are running against.
  • Wikipedia Article on United States House election in Texas
  • CQ Politics, online (supposedly) objective political news source
  • How to Register to Vote in Texas: note that the application (available online) must be postmarked 30 days prior to an election (October 10th officially) in order to be eligible to vote. You can also register at most county or state offices, including DPS.
  • Early Voting in Harris County for those who won't make it on November 7. It shows you where and when you can vote early, including dates over the weekend of October 28-29. For an FAQ of early voting, go here. All registered voters in Texas are eligible to vote early in person.
  • Wikipedia Article on Texas gubernatorial (I love that word) election. This ought to be a good one, guys, so pick a candidate (out of 6!) and go for it

Why is it important to vote in this election? There are a lot of national Senate and House seats up for grabs, so the balance of power in the country is really subject to change. In Texas, the governor's race is at least 6-way, with good ol' boy Perry, tough grandma Strayhorn, soft-spoken Bell, Jewish cowboy Friedman, a Libertarian and a write-in. You can also write in your favorite Green Party candidate or yourself if you want to. The balance of power in the nation's second largest state is up for grabs. Strayhorn's decision to run as an independent has split the Republicans and the Democrats, so the race could feasibly go any of 3 directions. If the major candidates are too divided, Friedman could pull off a surprise victory. Crazy!

As I once saw written on a bathroom stall: "If you didn't vote, don't bitch about the election." Just vote, for fuck's sake.

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Allison said...

c'moooonnnnn Bell! And Dr. Ricketts! And Barbara Ann Radnofsky! Woo Dems!