Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Isn't it Ironic?

Not two days ago, we were out boating with some friends. At one point, the boat hit a sandbar, and we got a little splashed. The $300 digital camera was miraculously spared, but my husband's cell phone got hit. We frantically tried to revive it, but that little splash had already condensed inside the screen, and salt was visible. When we hit land, we went to the cell phone store, and since he was eligible to upgrade, he got a fancy new toy phone, complete with MP3 player and "slider" features (he's been playing with it ever since). There was a shiny new phone there that I really liked, too, but I'm not eligible to upgrade for several months, and I'm thinking about going the smartphone route, so I can get ePocrates and such on my device and ditch the PDA + cell phone combo that weighs down my pockets.

This morning, I had my cell phone in my back pocket while I ran around the house getting ready for clinic. I went into the bathroom and prepared to sit down when I heard a loud THUNK-SPLASH! I jumped back up and sure enough, there was my phone in the toilet bowl. I've come close with my pager, but it always hits the floor; I've never dropped an electronic device into the toilet before. Thank goodness it was prior to sitting down, so to speak, but I still had a drowned phone. I struggled to revive it, but it powered off and hasn't come back on since. I've spoken to the phone company, and with my insurance I will have to pay a $50 deductible, but they will mail me a new phone in the next 2 days. I hate my current phone--it was a hugely hyped model, but mine gets poor reception and crappy battery life. I really didn't want to spend $50 to get the exact same phone, especially when I'm planning to upgrade in a few months, but it's better to spend $50 now and have a working phone until then. We don't have a landline, so as I'm sitting here this afternoon, I have phone calls I need to make, but I can't. Ayo, technology.

It's bizarre that within a matter of days, both of us drowned our cell phones. He definitely got the better end of the deal as far as new phones go, but his Sim card was ruined, too, so he lost all his phone numbers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that mine was okay, but I did lose a really cute picture of the kitty sleeping in my purse that was on my old phone.

It's also kind of funny how every time I get to feeling like I am doing pretty well for myself, I do something totally idiotic, just to remind myself that I'm a doofus. Big heads get burst around here, I promise.

One good thing came out of this morning, I suppose. The kitty was watching as the phone took its dive, and he was totally amused. After all, he is totally obsessed with the toilet, and shiny plastic/metal objects, so the combination of the two was almost more than he could handle. I had to yank him out of the way to grab the phone out of the water. As I was wiping the phone down, he was perched on the side of the potty, staring with fascination into the bowl. Weird cat.


Midwife with a Knife said...

One of my kitties is fascinated by water. I'm a bubble bath person (as in a person who loves bubble baths, not a person made from bubble baths), and he will sit on the edge of the tub and purr as I take my bath. He seems to like keeping me company. It makes me laugh. When he was a kitten, he'd actually get in the bath tub with me. Now I think his grownup cat "dignity" prevents it.

Caroline said...

I got a new phone a few weeks ago and I am trying to prove that I am responsible enough with it (i.e. I can't drop it) to get a smartphone next time, for the same reason as you.

As for weird cats, I have one that's obsessed with the toilet, too. And also she likes to lick the bathtub every morning after we've taken our showers. Very odd.