Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm Unoriginal

Everyone, at some point in their blogging career, has to make a post about the crazy Google searches that bring people to their blog. Yes, friends, it's time to delve into the goodie bag and dredge up material for me to make fun of. By the way, to all 9,000 people who have looked at my blog (or 1 person, looking 9,000 times, which is actually probably myself), thank you!

  • "Dog has hyperactive bowel sounds"--um, ew? And I'm not a vet?
  • "brbpr"--ah, a great mnemonic: bright red blood per rectum. Hope that was informative!
  • "urologist exam" on blogspot search: why would you want to find a blog post about a urologist exam? Does that make you horny, baby, yeah?
  • "office depot commercial here to lend you a hand"--god, I hate that commercial!
  • "all the different continents"--I can't even FIND my blog using this particular search! And as I've only visited 2, I doubt I'm an authority on this topic.
  • "shark mythbusters, dildo"--perhaps my favorite. Yes, it's a dildo fist in the Mythbusters Shark Week Special. I'm a bit confused by the extraneous comma in your search, however.
  • "different continents" X 2--see above.
  • "hypodensity of the kidney"--wish I could help you with that, but I doubt whatever page that brought you to was all that helpful.
  • "dogs with hyperactive bowel sounds" on myway search: those poor, poor dogs.
  • "medical architecture (nursing station)"--I liked that post, if I do say so myself.
  • "mister man from greece"--...
  • "i am 30 and still have no kids"--uh... that sucks? I'm sorry? Contact either or your local reproductive endocrinologist.
  • "picyures of peyronies disease"--I'm not sure what a 'picyure' is, but if you're looking for pictures, i hope you enjoyed my half-ass mspaint PG rendering of peyronie's disease.
  • "golytely mask"--are you looking to wear a mask while you use golytely? It's not a bad idea, really. Unsure what you wanted with my blog, though, and again, I can't seem to find my blog using this search item.
  • "thyroid spot of hypodensity"--I AM NOT A RADIOLOGIST. I just use big words so I look smarter.
  • "crazy doctors"--One of my favorite non-sexual double entendres.
  • "cystoscopy, pros and cons of being put to sleep"--Unless you have a serious problem with your urethra, just take some ibuprofen before you go and get it over with. No use taking the risks of general anesthesia for a 5 minute (technically) non-invasive procedure. Now a prostate biopsy, however, is a different story.
  • "hate attending internal medicine"--If you hated your attending on internal medicine, I can only sympathize. If you simply hate being there on internal medicine, I sympathize with that, too.

If you made any of the above searches and are still here, I appreciate it, and I really don't care how you got here (except for that hyperactive dog bowel sound thing--that's just sick). Danke!


Rach said...

I have no idea how you do this type of search but please fill me in on this!

Tiny Surgeon said...


Gauderio said...

My previous blog site did the work of site meter for me and would make all those stats accesible from the edit page.

Anyway, point is apparently I used the word "corprophilia" in my blog on "Don't eat batteries", and I actually ended up getting more than one hit from that one word.


Tiny Surgeon said...

heh, gauderio loves the poo!

Gauderio said...

Your post inspired me to get sitemeter working on my blog this week. And akin to your "urology exam" referal, I got one today for "male standardized patient". Double ewwww.

Tiny Surgeon said...

Isn't that akin to being a male prostitute?

Midwife with a Knife said...

Everybody does this post on occasion but I always love it, just like I loved this one. :)