Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Almost Famous

I just received this email from a new third year medical student:

I apologize if this email is finding you at a bad time because I must admit that it is quite random. I know that you are a serious student and that you know how things work around here. Being that I am just now starting on the wards (I had Fun month first), would you mind giving me some solid TS quality advice on how to not only do well, but also on how to excel? I would sincerely appreciate it. If you think it would be better to talk about in person, please let me know what's good for your schedule and we can make something happen.

Scared MS-III

I don't even know this guy. Apparently, my reputation precedes me among the third years. If only I felt as sure of things as they seem to think I am!

I just love that phrase "solid [my name] quality advice".

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Allison said...

Well... my friend, we'll call "J" for anonymity, who is very aware of his smarts, told me the other day after talking to you that it is quite obvious you are smarter than he is. Now, this is a big deal. He, like me, NEVER admits when people are smarter, because in our eyes, no one is smarter. Except you. So way to go, famous. I'm proud to know you.