Thursday, April 26, 2007

So You Think You Want to Do Urology?

"Ewww, you have to look at penises all day!"
Oh my god, you're right! What was I thinking?

"Well, I talked to my husband/father/male friend, and he'd NEVER see a female urologist."
Oh my god, you're right! Just like there are ZERO females who would ever see a male OB/gyn!

"That sounds boring."
Aw, shucks! I should do YOUR job, which I'm sure just rocks!

"Urology? Really? Ugh, why???"
Um, because I decided I like it? Just like you decided you like accounting/nursing/law/working at McDonalds?

"Men are so dirty!"
And women are spotlessly clean and NEVER, EVER stink.

"You think you can get in? I mean, urology is SUPER COMPETITIVE."
No way! Here I was thinking this was a cakewalk! Maybe I should just give up and do FP, since it's not competitive, and obviously you think I'm too dumb to compete!

"Neurology, huh? Sounds interesting."
Uh, no. Urology with a YOUUUUUUUUU. Peepee doc.

"Heh heh, you must really like looking at naked guys all day."
Obviously, I must be a pervert for wanting to take care of a part of the anatomy which we normally keep covered.

"Urology? Isn't that a guy field?"
You're right, I really should be at home baking pies and raising six children.

"I knew a urologist and they [insert long-winded story of poor outcome for the aforementioned urologist]."
Thanks, that was so considerate!

--ad lib numerous comments of people wishing to comment on my personal life and choice of specialty without actually saying anything helpful--

If I weren't having sort of an identity crisis right now, it wouldn't bother me so much, but I just feel like it's been a while since anyone said to me "Urology? You know, I thought that was a really neat field." Since when does every nurse, intern, resident, and attending who asks me "So, what specialty are you going into?" feel that they have to comment negatively about my response?

New rule of the day: "If you can't say something nice, JUST SHUT THE HELL UP."


Matt said...

I assume that you are familiar with Keagirl, another female urologist.

Anonymous said...

I dunno... I just had a kidney stone, and my urologist seemed like she really liked her job... Do what makes you happy, I say, and screw everyone else. I'd come to see you if I ever have another stone :-)

The Peanut Gallery said...

I feel your pain. People say, "Psychiatry?" and then wrinkle their nose like they are smelling a dirty diaper. People just love to say stupid things.

You'll be great at whatever you are interested in. It's so frustrating to have people make comments that belittle your dream. Maybe you could just respond with an average figure of your post-residency salary ;) That'd shut them up.

Midwife with a Knife said...

Urology? What a great field! :)

Seriously, they do cool surgeries, have few emergencies (good lifestyle after residency), and all the cool kids are doing it. :)

frectis said...

People are stupid. It's like the birth from hell stories women like to tell each other.

Anyway, if you can figure out urinary system, let alone specialize in it as a doctor, then you are a goddess as far as I'm concerned. I couldn't even figure out the model on the final with a PROSTATE was the male one. Duh.

Ms-Ellisa said...

My urologist teacher is THE BEST and everyone says so. I've heard many people say they want to do Urology. And women visit urologists too. I'm linking you from my site, just because I agree with you and I think it's cool deciding to do a specialty YOU like and not sth that's "in fashion".

gaucho said...

"What? You're going into Anesthesia? Come on, be a real doctor, you're smart enough."

Can't tell you how many people, especially residents, have said that to me. Like anesthesia requires minimal intelligence.

People like you so they want you to go into their speciality. It's a form of identification. Trust me. I'm on psych right now :)

Lala said...

So, um, tropical medicine anyone?

Sid Schwab said...

As a resident pointed out to me when I was an intern, urology serves well for a whole career: when you're young and hot you can do big stuff like cystectomies; when you're older you can do TURPS; and when you want to cut back you can have a nice office-only practice. In retrospect, he may have been right. I chose general surgery and flamed out.

Anonymous said...

If urology is what piques your interest, then you should go for it and who the hell cares what people say. As for being a female, I (male) would go to whatever urologist my clinician recommended if I showed up with a urinary problem. Since I value my regular doc's opinion, I wouldn't give a crap whether the doc was male or female, only that he/she was vouched for as a good one.

Turks said...


Hey! I think urology is awesome! And I'm so glad to hear a girl is interested :)

Me..I get sick of: "So you want to be a GP? Aren't you too smart for that?"

Because people want stupid primary care doctors apparently..

I say fuck em.

Rebecca said...

Hey how are you?, I wouldn't normally comment on blogs but I stumbled across yours and from reading this post I wanted to share my thoughts with you. I'm 23 I got to med school next year, since I told people that some have actually said "isn't 23 a wee bit old?" I was stunned. My main annoyance though is I am passionate about becoming a Psychiatrist and I get loads of negative comments, I see it almost everywhere in the media too these days and I find it disgusting although I will admit it cam close to putting me off as sometimes I can be critical of myself and analyse too much so I can self doubt and although I get through it negative crap all the time doesn't help people to make their minds up on something, it's strange how I could let silly things like that affect me but sometimes it does just like when some women will think theyre fat when they're not due to the obsession with size zero or being thin in the media etc, etc. I hate the stigma and stereotyping surrounding the filed of Psychiatry and the attitudes of some in society to it and the patients. Great post and like you say if they don't have anything nice to say then why don't they shut up?