Sunday, April 15, 2007

Go Check This Out!

Midwife With a Knife has made a great post about the studies behind abstinence-only sex education. I highly recommend that you check it out!

For inspiration, I found a picture of the world's oldest condom, from 1640. The user's manual is written in Latin.


the other med student on OB said...

a remember being taught in school (and i went to a catholic school btw) that the only 100% way to avoid pregnancy/STDs/(damnation to hell for being a slut) was abstinence. however, they also gave the alternatives. i may not have known the methods of action of estrogen and progesterone on the female reproductive cycle, but i knew what OCPs did. i knew condoms would offer protection from STDs. my parents NEVER gave me the sex talk. and honestly, im thankful. that would sooooo awkward. but unfortunatly, most people get their sex-ed from neither parents nor school. instead they get it from "well, my friend suzy had a cousin who said that you cant get pregnant the first time you have sex."

the other med student on OB said...

btw, that condom doesn't look very effective. i hope it isn't used. noone likes to find those. ewwww