Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Something Cute

As I pulled into our apartment complex today, post-call, my husband was walking our dog nearby. After a moment, J-dog perked up, looked over at my car, started wagging his tail, and RAN over to the car, stopping right by my door as I parked. I guess he thought he was going for a ride.

It prompted me to think, how does he recognize our cars? He doesn't get excited by other cars. Is it a visual recognization? That would be difficult without color vision or knowledge of make/model/year. Is it smell? Does he smell me on the car? Does my smell come out the exhaust? I didn't have the windows open and I hadn't opened the door. I know he saw me through the window at some point, but I still wonder. He will also run to our cars while we're walking him. He LOVES going in the car, I think mostly because he and I traveled so much by car when I first had him.

Sometimes I am just amazed by my dog's cuteness, and I just have to share.


Allison said...

Asher does the EXACT SAME THING!! Somehow he recognizes my car... which is interesting because 2 spots down, another alero parks.

Jenn said...

them's some smart puppies!

Jessica said...

My dog knows the sound of my husband's car coming home. She gets very alert way before I am even aware he's at the door.
Dogs are the best.

Phalanx said...

Jester can recognize our cars at a distance... but he barks at doorbells on the TV. What a dog. :)