Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Good Book

For a very interesting read, check out I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak. My aunt recommended it. It's set in an unnamed town in Australia; the protagonist is a "failure at life", a 20 year old cabdriver who starts receiving a series of anonymous messages he's supposed to deliver to perfect strangers. It's very funny, very moving, and totally unexpected; I loved it. It's technically teenage/young adult fiction, but whatever, I liked it.

I also recently allowed my husband to watch Firefly in my presence (which means I finally let him talk me into watching it). It was a sci-fi type show by Joss Whedon (maker of Buffy and Angel) that aired on Fox a few years ago, but was aired at different time slots out of order, and was canceled in its first season. Internet-types liked it enough that Universal Pictures bought the movie rights and made Serenity last year out of the story line and characters. Despite the fact that I was leery of the, uh, rather over-exuberant fan types, I guess I have to admit that it was a good show and movie. I'm kind of sorry the story is over now, actually. Yes, I'm admitting my geekiness publicly. It's just kind of hard to come out of that closet.

Back to Mythbusters (see above comment). I had intended to study tonight, but I hate neuro.

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The MSILF said...

Oh I share a nerdy fan thing with you (Buffy)...I will havce to read your blog forever.

About the attendings and rounds that go forever - my favorite is when you're trying to not go vasovagal during that. I seriously have no idea how they do it. But one thing I noticed this year in the sub-internships is that when you're writing, you lean on the cart with the files...and when you're actually doing the rounds, it's not as bad as when you're standing there listening.