Monday, January 08, 2007

On Call Again

Call II of neurology, and I'm sitting in the computer lab at the med school typing in my blog. Thus far, there have been no patients. I'd actually kinda prefer a patient or two (but not any more, ye gods of luck!!!) to this sitting, since I've been here since 6 am and I'm a little crankier than usual. I could be reading, but, you guessed it, I hate neuro.

Oddly, I hate neurology itself a leetle less after this rotation. At least on the stroke service, we do as much as possible, with the tPA and the aspirin. I do, however, despise the stroke service. Today, we got a new, (very nice) slower attending, and so we rounded from 0900-1200, broke for his conference + staff meeting, and rounded from 1400-1800. Seven total hours of rounding, followed by scut work. Whine, whine, whine. I whine even more because a) there are fourth years on our service, and you should hear THEM whine and b) most of my friends in this rotation are on services where they actually get weekends, or they don't work 13 hours a day. I almost cried with happiness when the coordinator told us we'd be switching with general neuro at the halfway point (and the general neuro kids were not too happy about it, which did not make me unhappy).


Okay, I swear I'll quit whining now.

It's January now, and it's time for a new round of the game "What is TS going to do with her life?" I'll make a new post to follow...


Basia said...

you know, i get weekends off sorta, but when i addded it up, i only get 3 days off this month. sooooo, we are all the same.
glad to hear you have learned the neurology is awesome! (i took the comment 'i hate it less' and ran with it)

Jenn said...

you have some sick sense of humor!