Sunday, December 31, 2006

Good to Be Home

After five days in the desert, two at home, and four in Charleston; two flights on Southwest Airlines (one with peanuts, one with Oreo ChocoStix), two flights on American Eagle ($2 for nuts, $5 for a pillow/blanket), one flight on US Airways Express and one on Mesa Air/America West Regional/US Airways (which included George Foreman!); two rented cars (Chevy Impala and Ford Focus); and tons of restaurant food, most of it fantastic, I am finally home. I'm such a boring person, I really prefer to be at home, where I can sleep when I want, eat on my own schedule, and use my own bathroom. I really like using my own bathroom, especially since my stomach was upset the entire time I was in South Carolina and I was forced into some unsavory restroom facilities. For some unknown reason, my whole abdomen swelled up until I looked about six months pregnant. Fortunately, it has since deflated and I feel much better (thanks for asking).

And now, I'm ensconced on my couch, watching some crazy sci-fi show that my husband loves (and it is actually kinda cute). We took our dog to a big park today, then brought home some Boston Market. I doubt we'll even watch the ball drop.

And I'm happy as a little clam to be back in my little world.


Allison said...

are you trying to rub it in that you got boston market? bitch.

Jenn said...

Well, of course. I always brag about the chain restaurants I frequent.