Thursday, December 07, 2006

Favorite Time-Wasting Spots

Since I have nothing better to talk about, I'm going to briefly talk about my favorite blogs & places to waste time on the internet.

  • The Underwear Drawer: My first blog, my first med student blog. Michelle is now an anesthesia resident with a toddler and an ophtho resident husband. I periodically go back and reread her student-era stuff because it reminds me that other people feel the same way I do during med school. That, and I am a huge stalker.
  • Ah Yes, Medical School: One of the funniest and most bitter of the med school blogs. Posting under "the Fake Doctor", this California student has written some stuff that caused me to need to wipe off my monitor because I spit all over it while laughing my ass off.
  • The Fat Doctor: "Famine-resistant doctor, pastor's wife, stroke survivor, singer in the church choir, mom of one toddler and two dogs, cynic and active daydreamer." Funny, poignant--an excellent account of life as a family practice doc.
  • UroStream: A female urologist describes life as... a female urologist. Hilarity ensues.
  • Medstudentitis: Inflammation of the med student, or the blog of a Canadian student in her second year.
  • Fingers and Tubes in Every Orifice: An ER doc details life on the front lines of medicine: the drunks, the frequent fliers, the lawsuits, the lives saved and lost.
  • The Berry Patch: A med student in Israel talks about her cat, buying kosher cat food, and the differences between living in America and living in Israel.

One reason I read so many student blogs is for solidarity--even across different countries, many of the experiences are the same. The frustrations, the huge piles of books, the pain of shoving information in your brain ("drinking from a fire hose"). I read "grown-up" blogs because it's nice to hear from those who survived, who walked through the fire and came out the other side. I read some others, but I'm too lazy to type about any more blogs.

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