Sunday, December 03, 2006


Sorry to be such a grouch. Today wasn't nearly as bad. I think the real thing about my attending is that he is inconsistent: he treats some patients fearfully (let's order everything under the sun) and some with confidence (I know what they have and I can treat it, and they're well enough to go home). I love it when patients go home, and I have less work to do. (Kidding!) But it is a good thing when patients go home. The county hospital is definitely aromatic, and with 4 patients per room, separated only by curtains, very noisy as well. I wouldn't wish a prolonged stay in the county hospital on my enemies, let alone my patients.

Currently watching: the AKC Dog Show, Part II. My hubby has a real soft spot for these shows. I will totally confess to loving to watch beautiful, happy dogs prance around for the audience. Speaking of dogs, our dog is located on the papasan chair, buried under a pile of thick blankets with only the tip of his nose poking out. I really ought to take more pictures of stuff like this, so then people will have no doubt that I'm a crazy dog lady.

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