Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm sure most people already know about this, but OJ Simpson has written a book entitled "If I Did It", detailing how he would have killed his wife (if he had, of course). This announcement comes very soon after the court ruling denying Ron Goldman the rights to Simpson's celebrity persona (which is probably a good decision, in my opinion, even if it is a hard one to swallow). This whole thing is disgusting and trashy, and to make it worse, Fox is going to air an interview where he will discuss these issues (NBC turned it down). My computer is freezing up, or I would post a link to the times of this airing.

It's entirely within Simpson's First Amendment rights to say these things, and the precedent of double jeopardy prevents any further prosecution in these matters. Therefore, my only recourse is to exercise my civil rights NOT TO WATCH THIS MAN'S SHOW and NOT TO READ THIS MAN'S TRASH.


Chemgirl1681 said...

I totally agree with you. When I heard about this I immediately thought it was a horrible attention grabbing, shocking way for him to profit off the slayings he "did not commit" Yeah right, too bad we can't nail him in a coffin! I mean, if you can write a book supposedly about how you would have commited the crime you've obviously either had first hand experience or thought a whole lot about it.
I'm totally with you on the boycott! In fact I change the channel whenever they start reporting about it now.

barbie said...

thank goodness they dropped the book and the TV 'special'