Sunday, November 26, 2006

I Talk A Lot

As I went through to edit the HTML of my blog layout and some of the posts that never quite worked right (like the Hangover post--I finally got it to work!), I noticed something. I make excessively long posts. In other words, I am exceedingly verbose (even when I'm saying that I talk too much). My apologies if the mega posts are annoying. Take some Ritalin--you'll make it through. (By "you" I'm referring to any of the 1,062 people who have visited my blog. Thanks! Fortunately, SiteMeter doesn't tell me how many of those visits are me, checking to make sure stuff worked.) I'll try to work harder at not rambling for hours through every single last detail of my boring, lame life that nobody wants to read, not even myself. I promise. I will stop talking. I swear.

More Mythbusters, then bed. I have my first call on internal medicine tomorrow, and I'm terrified. I only have 4 more days of Dr. Hardass! My goals: learn LOTS (the man is truly a walking library of evidence-based medical facts) while NOT receiving any ass chewings. We'll see.

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