Monday, November 20, 2006


My new attending literally told a patient today that if he continued to do cocaine and drink alcohol, that not only would his bleeding ulcers get worse, but that he could possibly die. The attending then told him that he should find another hospital if he was going to continue these habits and quit wasting the county's money.

Last night my new team admitted patients; this morning was our first day, post call for the rest of the team. One of my interns wrote a little note on her papers and showed it to another while we were rounding (very middle school). It said "3/4 of my patients are cocaine positive".

As I read through the H&P my intern wrote, I noticed that she said the patient was "hyperthyroid" at least 4 times, yet her plan included "thyroid replacement hormone" for "hyperthyroidism". It's a good thing this patient is actually hypothyroid, or this plan could be really dangerous.

Ah, good times at ye olde county hospital. It's going to be an exciting month.

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