Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Return to Innocence

or at least to childhood. One of our well child hand-outs that we give to parents says that 2-4 year old children like to be told "you're doing a good job" or "you're such a good helper." (It also says that children these ages like to do chores, so what do they know?)

Today, I was told to go home. "You did a good job today. You were a big help." Another lady thanked me "for all my good help." I basked in the glow, knowing that I hadn't been totally useless today. After all, I'd all but been petted on the head and tossed a puppy treat.

After only 13 years of basic education, 4 years of undergraduate work, >2 years of professional school, $50,000 for college and $90,000 (so far) for medical school, I've graduated to being a "good helper." Pretty soon, I'll be wearing my hair in pigtails and carrying crayons in my pocket.

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