Friday, April 28, 2006

New "Most Embarrassing Moment in Medical School"

So the former "MEMIMS" was the day I cried on a course director. I had gone to her to beg for mercy regarding my preceptor, as I wouldn't be able to see any more patients (and thus write them up) prior to exams, yet I was missing one patient + write-up. When I tried to calmly speak to her about my distress and panic regarding my ability to finish the assignment, I burst into tears and couldn't speak coherently for about 15 minutes. Yes, that was a proud day. Thank god it was a female course director, who let me sit down and gave me a cup of water and told me exams would be over soon and it'd all be okay.

The new MEMIMS: Today was my final exam for a pathophysiology/practice of medicine conglomerate course. I was stressed because I had procrastinated FAR too much and hadn't studied enough for this test. To add insult to injury, my studying skills were further cramped by an attack of allergies that began yesterday morning and were unfazed by the over-the-counter loratadine/pseudoephedrine I'd been taking. This stuff hadn't stopped my sneezing, but it had made me very sleepy yesterday. This morning, I decided not to take it, as I figured the sleepiness would hurt me more in the exam.

About halfway through the test, my nose started to run and I started to sneeze. I should buy beers for all the people stuck sitting near me, because I was a sneezing, sniffling, honking wreck. However, true to form, I FORGOT TO BRING KLEENEX INTO THE TEST WITH ME. So, when my nose started to run, and then to DRIP, I had nowhere to wipe/blow it.

Yes, I snotted on myself during a final exam.

I sat there and debated for at least 5 minutes--leave the test, or finish as fast as possible? Finally, in horror, I got up and asked the proctor to hold my test so I could go to the restroom. New policy dictated that she had to follow me, so she got to watch as I found a napkin outside the room to wipe my hands and blow my nose, and then as I frantically scrubbed my hands in the restroom. I then brought a 3' long section of toilet paper (the rough institutional kind) back into the exam room with me, where I'm sure 100 of my peers waited to slit my throat as I continued to sneeze for the remainder of the test.

I'm sure my mom would be so proud.

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