Tuesday, April 25, 2006


So I'm working on my wedding invitations this week, and I have been panicking about it. I ordered 125 for a wedding that will hopefully be 50 (or less). My guest list had roughly 100 people on it when I ordered. Then, my mom sends me a list of "people who need invites kind of like an announcement who won't actually attend"--people like her college roommate, our old neighbor, and some distant relatives I've never met. Whoa, buddy. That was cutting deeply into my 25 invite safety zone! THEN, my dad was like "I'd better look that list over, in case you forgot anyone." CRAP!!!!!!

...Until I printed my guest list off of theknot.com and remembered that most of the invitations will not be going to individuals, but to families, couples, etc. There may be 100+ invited guests, but that will only require around 75 invitations. No, I did not remember this until tonight.

I am the dumbest bride EVER.

I may wallpaper the dining room with the remainders.

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