Tuesday, March 14, 2006

PMSing like a 13-year-old

So I keep thinking about my earlier post with guilt. I really didn't want to be all like "blah blah blah my opinion good your opinion STOOPID" but I think I did anyway. I also snapped at my fiance several times earlier for things like talking with food in his mouth (ew, and I KNOW his momma raised him better), receiving stupid magazines (he's got some kind of special deal to get his favorite magazines, but it means receiving "Working Mother", "Woman's Day", "National Geographic Kids", and "OK Weekly"), and generally being himself. My boobs are sore, I got peed on at the dog park, and I wanted to just KILL this woman who didn't pick up after her dog. This is all after I scored about 53% on a Qbank practice test earlier, which means I'd get into residency in some place like Kansas, probably in geriatrics (inside medical joke).

Is it any wonder that after dinner I demanded chocolate, in the shape of ice cream?

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