Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fun with Cut and Paste

I found this over at the "Ah Yes, Medical School" blog (which is snort out loud, shoot soda out your nose funny) and I, uh, borrowed it. Yeah. So, I'd like to introduce the Standardized Patient Video Watching Drinking Game!!!!!!!!

"Standardized Patient Video Watching Drinking Game Instructions:

Take a shot every time…
-You forgot to wash your hands
-You “accidentally” felt a boob while doing the cardiac exam
-You broke the exam table while trying to pull out the leg rest
-You demanded to actually do the rectal/breast/pelvic exam rather than accept their index card with the fake results
-You faked taking the blood pressure
-You faked any other part of the exam
-You finished 10 minutes before everyone else

-The actor went out of character
-The actor had dirty feet
-You had to touch the actor’s feet and pretend like it didn’t bother you
-You broke the fourth wall and winked at the camera
-You started laughing at the patient for no obvious reason
-You ran out of things to ask after about twenty seconds
-You referred to yourself as the "lowly" medical student

And finally, as the biggest no-no, take ten shots every time...
-You introduced yourself as “Dr.""

I think I just broke something laughing so hard (albeit silently, as I'm in the library and should be quiet). It must be a med student thing.

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