Sunday, December 18, 2005

You shoulda seen the other guy...

This is my dog, J-dog. This picture was taken some point in time prior to last Friday, December 16, 2005. That was the day he had an unfortunate run-in with an American Bulldog who slipped his leash and pounced the unsuspecting 20-lb terrier. For once in his raucous little life, J-dog was not the initiator of the fight, and actually was the innocent bystander.

This is J-dog now:

This is his right hind leg, where he had stitches. The holes are teethmarks:

He had X-rays which showed nothing broken, so he just had a stitch or two and was sent home with pain pills (woo!) and antibiotics (nasty dog mouth germs). We're going over to talk to the owner of the bulldog tonight, but she has already offered to pay his vet bills. She seems to actually care that her dog mawled ours, which is nice (the caring, not the mawling).

I think we're more upset by this than he is. The cone is cramping his style way more than the leg is. He's already learned how to walk, jump, climb up and down stairs, and use the cone to effectively beg for food and attention. If only we all had such steep learning curves!


In other news, I finished my tests. They sucked. The end. Then, I went shopping! and bought a scarf to match my hat at the Gap (both in the pink stripe) and a cute black blazer at Target (properly pronounced tar-JAY when purchasing clothing there). I also purchased tons of birthday presents for friends; I just need to get my mom and stepdad's gift purchased and headed on its way up the Lonely Mountain.

That's about it. We leave for Arkansas on Tuesday, where we will visit the fiance's family. On Wednesday, we get to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra! And eventually, we will open many presents, hop back into the hatchback, and head back home. Good times.

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Allison said...

Oh no! Poor Jester!!!