Wednesday, December 07, 2005


In reading about fungal causes of meningitis, an infection of the tissues which surround the brain:

"Grossly [seen], a slippery brain with gelatinous subarachnoid exudate."

Gross is right. This, children, is why we wear condoms when we have sexual fun, so we don't get AIDS and end up with a slippery brain with gelatinous exudate.

Back to the endless study.

Edit: I just had another thought. Isn't the brain already slippery enough? (Not that I ever dropped one or anything... at least it landed in the bucket). How do you know the brain is more slippery than normal? I'm picturing brain races, similar to the pickle races in "Billy Madison". Would a brain slide down a window, or could you scoot it across a floor? Could you remove the cranial nerves to make it more aerodynamic and decrease wind resistance?

I am truly losing my mind here.

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