Monday, June 23, 2008

Windows Vista Sucks

I have gotten that error message "Windows Explorer is not responding" twice today, which necessitates either restarting Windows Explorer or just turning off and turning on the computer. Also, I have plugged in a printer so I could print orientation materials. At first, it worked very well. Later, I tried to print a Word document, and it wouldn't print. The little print icon told me that it was printing, but it wasn't. I tried to cancel the document and resend it--nothing. Eventually, I turned off the computer, and turned it back on, and the document printed twice (great).

I just tried to print another document for tomorrow--nothing. Then, when I tried to close the document folder it was located in--"Windows Explorer is not responding."

GOOD GRIEF! I'm not playing large PC games, I'm not listening to music, I'm not doing ANYTHING but surfing the web on Firefox and trying to print a friggin' Word document! That's it! What the hell is wrong with the computer and/or this OS? This is a BRAND NEW LAPTOP. IT SHOULD NOT BE RUNNING WORSE THAN THE 4-YEAR-OLD LAPTOP IT REPLACED.

I miss XP.


Allison said...

My old printer wouldn't work with Vista, and I couldn't find the drivers anywhere. So I bought a new printer (it was on sale, my other one was old anyway) and the software wouldn't install the right way. So it would print but I couldn't scan or anything. Then one day it just randomly started installing the driver, and after that it worked fine. Then one day I look down and it was installing the driver again, and now I have 2 printers, one called "copy 2". Strangely, only "copy 2" works.

This is one of the many weirdnesses about Vista. You'll get used to it. Haha.

Ya know, my first computer had Windows ME (until I downloaded XP because Tech let you get it for free.) I seem to have a way with always buying computers with the red-headed step-children of the operating system world.

I am looking forward to the day when an operating system that is not Windows and is not for Apple comes out. (Well, and not Linux, just in case the hubby wants to play that card.)

Enrico said...

I'm a Mac/UNIX person, so I avoid Windows in general, but I live in the real world, not some candyland, so I made peace with Windows long ago.

Having said that, words can not describe the utter contempt and loathing I have for Vista, product of the 9th circle of Hell and a frankenmonster of various aborted attempts to get an OS out to market in oh, 7 years.

You have to have an XP disc lying around. If not, someone'll hook you up. Downgrade. There is no such thing as a "Vista-only" driver; companies aren't that mouth-breathing stupid. Unshackle your new laptop. FREEDOM! (make sure you wear blue facepaint when you do this ;) )

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

I know what you mean! My new laptop is terrible for that; it's ALWAYS shutting down my files and not responding, and it drives me nuts!

(*cough* Hi, I totally haven't commented in like a year, so I don't even know if you remember who I am...)

Beach Bum said...

Microsoft is evil and Bill Gates is the antichrist.

Vista Sucks! My next laptop will be a Mac.

Tiny Shrink said...

Amen to all of you. I'll see if my mom can send me the XP disks I gave her when I donated my old laptop to my youngest sister.

Does anyone know if Windows XP will run Office 2007?

And XP, of course I remember you! Still hanging in premed?

Allison said...

I think XP will run Office 2007... I feel like Tech's computers all had XP but had upgraded to the newer Office. Also Kevin said "yes".

Also... I had to get back on here because I've been trying to print an f-ing Word document for 30 minutes now... somewhere something is going awry and it won't print. (Today, my printer is now called "copy 1", by the way.) I'm frustrated. Vista sucks!

Jeffrey said...

the solution is simple:

get a mac!