Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blog Work

I've been reading a ton of medical blogs lately. It's one way of getting me ready for what's coming to me in 14 days (or 13 days, 5 hours, and 50 minutes, according to my handy counter on Facebook). I've added some blogs to the drop-down menu on the right, in addition to changing my template. I may keep it, I may not--who knows? Does anyone have an opinion as to whether the drop down menu is better, or should I just list out all my blogs down the page? These are tough questions here, people!

I have to reboot my computer now, which is why I only made a few small changes to the olde blog here. It seems that "Windows Explorer is not responding" and quit doing so at 7:50 PM (that's the time still showing on the laptop as of now--it's now after midnight). Fortunately, Firefox kept working, so I was able to indulge in medical blogs all night (tasty), but I couldn't maneuver between windows. This is a brand-new laptop, good brand, purchased towards the end of May, and already I think I've crashed Windows Vista 3 times. I'm averaging around 1 crash per week. I don't do anything very exciting--mostly play around on Firefox, use Outlook, or play Spider Solitaire. I'm not sure why this is just too much to handle for this new super-duper fancy OS. I've never really considered going Mac because they're just so friggin' expensive, not to mention I'm used to Windows, but with all the changes they put into Vista to make it look more like OS X I'm not as familiar with it as I was, and with all these crashes god forbid I try to do something important on this computer! (Otherwise, it's a lovely computer, very shiny; I just wish it had come with XP). GRRRR!

While I'm soliciting advice here, does anyone use a particular feed reader to read blogs? I've never used one before, because I always just click the links from my bookmarks or from my own blog. However, I think that if I contain them within a reader, it will make catching up easier from the hospital. I've put stuff into Google Reader, but is this a good one? Any tips for using it?

I really will try to post more. I realize I'm not a prolific blogger (just wordy when I do write), and I probably won't become one, but surely I can do better than this. At least until July 1, when all bets are off. GAH, I just got that cold feeling in my guts and my heart rate just accelerated like 40 bpm JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! It's a good thing I haven't had a real medical rotation since my AI in January on pedi, and I haven't done neuro since the January before that one, so I'll be just super prepared. It'll be great!


punchberry said...

Your template looks great. I am always playing with different shades of green for mine-- looks like you picked some good ones!

I used Bloglines for a reader, and really like it. However, I have no experience with any other alternatives, so I don't know if that's a particularly good one.

Bardiac said...

I can't get the drop down things to actually open up. And I like lists on the side, for what little that's worth.

That's a VERY bright green... :)

Tiny Shrink said...

Thanks for the advice! I don't know why, but I like a green blog.

Tiny Shrink said...

Hmm, not sure why the drop-downs weren't working (they worked on my computer) but it defeats the purpose if people can't click on them. I've replaced them, so we'll see if that works. Let me know if there are any more suggestions--these have been very helpful!