Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Got Dinged

A friend dinged me for not posting today. It's true, I haven't been spending much time blogging or reading blogs lately. Somehow, even though my days are fairly easy--only a few hours of lecture a day--the new strains that commuting puts on my time somehow chip away at my time to play around on the internet willy-nilly. So sad.

Last week, I was pondering a great topic to post about. I even told my friends, Hey, I'm going to post about this, I think it would be awesome. And then I promptly forgot what I was going to post about. It was a fascinating, deep topic, and it's gone forever. Actually, it probably wasn't that great, but it still sucks that I forgot.

So instead, I'm going to write about the best lecture we've had so far in our "Transition to Residency" month.

Yesterday during a leisurely lunch outside under the trees, enjoying one of the last months of nice weather here in the jungle, we consulted our schedule to see what useless lecture we'd be attending at 1 pm. The lectures have generally been getting better, but overall they're nothing to call home about. Anyway, we checked our schedule, and we see a lecture titled "Diarrhea". Most of these lectures begin with "Approach to the Patient With...", but not this one. Short but sweet--"Diarrhea." Since I have a five-year-old's sense of humor, I burst into song.

"When you're drivin' in a Chevy, and you feel somethin' heavy, Diarrhea! *clap clap* Diarrhea! *clap clap*"

A few of us took turns recalling verses we knew to the song. Then, lunch hour was over and we walked into the lecture hall, only to find that our lecturer was already present. He was messing with the computer and pulling up his powerpoint presentation. I pulled out my Sudoku book and prepared for the usual, when a friend called for my attention. "Hey--look at the screen!"

I looked up to the screen to see the lecturer had pulled up YouTube and had clicked on a video. A video called "The Diarrhea Song." I didn't even know that this song had been used in this movie, but he played a little clip for us. Throughout his lecture, he'd throw in "favorite phrases" from the song, referenced from this blog: Who knew that someone actually created a blog in honor of the Diarrhea Song?

The remainder of his lecture was actually quite good, and he took pity on us for having to be there (he showed us pictures of himself snowboarding as a lazy fourth year med student). My favorite part, though, was definitely the poop jokes.

Just goes to show, 'The real money's in the dick and fart jokes.' Or, med students are five year olds, and we are all still amused by poop. Or maybe it's just me.

*This post brought to you by the Diarrhea Song!*


trent said...

When you're sliding into first and you feel a little burst...

Midwife with a Knife said...

Those lectures do sound useless, but enjoy the opportunity to hang out with your class one last time.

Tiny Shrink said...

I am definitely enjoying the opportunity to see my classmates. I doubt I'll really see many of them at graduation, and next month I'll be out of the country, so it's awesome to see everyone and find out who's going into what specialty.

Midwife with a Knife said...

Hey, how'd the match go?