Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cold and Snowy!

It's 10 degrees here. We're on the eastern slopes of the Rockies now, visiting the hubby's aunt and uncle. We're officially under a "winter storm warning" here, which = snow + wind. It's quite cozy inside, with fires lit and baby blankets to crochet--I'm 1/3 through with the first one of the year. I just got news of a fourth baby on the way! Hubby's cousin and her husband are expecting a baby in the summer, so I get to make another blanket. This makes 1 blue, 1 pink, and 2 yellow/green for this baby season. I'm going to be busy!

I have more good news for today. I received a phone message on my cell earlier from an attending at Top Choice Program, just wishing me a happy New Year and saying that they really liked me, please call us if you have any questions! Nothing can be officially said between either of us outside the match, of course, and I don't know how many other people they might have called, but it's a good sign. Or at least that's how I'm taking it. I guess now we can start looking at houses a little more seriously (although we're still not buying anything until I have papers in hand!)

Snow is so pretty! I'm so glad we got to come up here to visit! I cried a little, leaving my mom's house, because I don't get to see them often since they moved up here to the mountains, but it was so nice to spend Christmas with them. I'm going to go eat chili now, since we're being pressed to "come and eat while it's warm", and then I'll crochet some more. It's so nice and domestic and snuggly and cozy!

*This post brought to you by fourth year of medical school, which generously allows time off for such frivolous pursuits. We're very grateful to our sponsors here at WAISH, so thanks!*


frectis said...

Ah, so glad it's you in the snow and not me ;) It's 63 where I am and I think I am going to freeze. The blizzards of the Front Range are now long forgotten to my body! :) Congrats on the mysteriously positive non-contact phone call from Top Choice ;)

Tiny Shrink said...

We did actually drive through the "Front Range" area. Both sides of the mountains were doused in heavy snow on Christmas Day. Hope the Land of Milk and Honey was sunny for you! and thanks!