Thursday, May 03, 2007

My First Meme

I don't even know what "meme" means, or how you pronounce it, but I was tagged a little while ago by Midwife With a Knife to discuss 5 reasons I blog.

1) I need a place to vent. My long-suffering husband and friends hear me whine, bitch, and moan all day, every day. I'm not a soul to suffer in silence. Sometimes I feel like I have to spill all this venom so that I can continue to see the things I see all day. Just think--this is only medical school! Just wait till residency!

2) I'm kinda narcissistic, and there's something satisfying about seeing my words come up on a colorful website. Occasionally, I go back and look through my old posts and congratulate myself for being so damn witty. I'm very humble, too.

3) Re: #2 above, I kinda like that a few people read this. Even if they read it once, say "Ugh, what a whiner" and go away, I still kinda like it. It's like those billboards that say "Do billboards work? This one just did!" Yes, I'm one of those bloggers who checks their stats obsessively. It beats studying.

4) I mentioned the shiny, pretty colors, right?

5) I always had a dream of writing a novel or short story, something creative. However, I'm not sure I'm actually creative enough. The crafts I'm best at involve dexterity and perseverance rather than ingenuity. Writing about the things that happen to me every day gives me a small creative outlet and a chance to be somewhat literary--giving an old dream CPR, if you will. I also enjoy trying to be funny, so when I see a funny situation or think of a particularly silly line, I like to "share" it with as many people as possible.

I'll add #6: I read quite a few blogs myself, and I felt like I could add stories to the world of medical bloggers that hadn't been told yet.

It really all comes down to me having a large ego, really. Thanks for reading!

As far as tagging anyone, I'm not sure who reads this blog who hasn't already participated in this "meme" thing, but if you read this and haven't done this, consider yourself tagged!


Phalanx said...

I was just as surprised as anyone else when I actually got published in April. I could see you writing a book about crazy experiences in the field of medicine someday. :)

Phalanx said...

Oh, by the way... :)