Monday, May 07, 2007

The Coolest Thing

One extraordinary thing happened to me on OB/Gyn. I was on a night shift in the middle of the week. We had a patient whose baby had a poor heart rate tracing before any labor commenced. The plan was made to try cervadil to gently induce her labor, so that when the baby (inevitably) did not tolerate the contractions, we could remove it quickly. After that failed, we made plans for a cesarean later in the evening. Standing outside her room, waiting to wheel her to the OR, a young man walked out of her room, looked at me, and said "Don't I know you? Are you [Tiny], used to be [Tiny Surgeon]?"

As I stared at him, realizing who he must be, I asked him for his first name--it fit, and I said "You're [AB], aren't you? What the hell are you doing here???"

The reply: "I'm having a baby."

I knew this guy in elementary school. The last time I saw him was sixth grade, before I moved.

I walked him to the OR and pointed out the blue bunny suits, chatting a mile a minute the whole time. He's graduated, working for the family, getting married in the fall, buying a house--the whole nine yards. I caught him up on marriage, med school, and living away from West Texas. His fiancee was a very sweet and friendly girl--I liked her immensely. He did well for himself.

If he hadn't looked exactly the same as he did in elementary school, I'd never have recognized him. I'm not entirely sure how he recognized me--I'd like to think I no longer look like I did at the age of twelve, when my nickname was "porpoise nose". I'm sure I'm no taller than I was then, but the world is full of short women. Who knows? It was a totally surreal experience, and extremely cool. Oh, and his baby? A healthy, adorable boy; mom and baby are doing great.

What a great way to wrap up OB.


Allison said...

wow random... is it anyone i would know?

frectis said...

That was a really fast rotation, no? Or just for your readers ;)

I took an apprentice to a birth with me and it ended up that she knew the father from Sunday school as kids. Kinda random too.