Wednesday, March 28, 2007

West Texas

Yes, that is a wrench head on top of a violin, hence the term "City of Contrasts". That used to be the logo for the city of Odessa, Texas, a boom-and-bust oil town on I-20. I'm not too far from there for the rest of the week, working for my dad's accounting firm as an office girl. I've even done a few tax returns (badly).

Being a tax accountant, 3 weeks before Tax Day, is a tough job. My dad goes to work around 8:30 am and comes home around 10 pm (or later). He works similar hours on Saturdays and Sundays. One could even compare his hours to a medical resident's. The stress in his office right now is palpable. One poor CPA ran around earlier snapping at everyone to "get out of the tax program, NOW, there's a system error!"

There are several important differences between an accountant and a resident, however.

  1. My dad's office has plush carpet on the floor, cushioning my feet as I run back and forth to the copy machine.
  2. They have a kitchen, with a refrigerator stocked with Cokes.
  3. The bathrooms are always clean.
  4. Dad gets to take scheduled lunch and dinner breaks.
  5. If I get tired and want to sit down, I get to sit down.
  6. His chair is cushy leather. The chair I've been using is brocade. Neither is plastic nor uncomfortable.

And, perhaps the most important difference:

April 15 happens once a year. Sure, there are quarterly deadlines which require long hours, but in between, people work civilized 9-5 hours. With lunch breaks. And a nearby restroom, where one can take breaks as often as are needed, without having to get permission or apologize for one's absence.

Sometimes, I really wonder why I'm in medicine...


Allison said...

Hell yeah accountants are awesome.

My current job sucks because I have to be on my feet for 9 hours at a time... in business casual shoes, which most of mine are heels.

But other than that... hell yeah accountants are awesome.

Barbie said...

why i'm in medicine:
helping people?
being called doctor and knowing you are a REAL doctor?

Tiny Surgeon said...

barbie, i like the question marks