Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm a Big Kid Now!

There comes a time in every young doctor's life when they realize that they are now an adult. Eight years (in the US) beyond high school, the medical resident has put off true adulthood for perpetual studenthood for a long time, especially if they did not take time off and work or pursue an alternate career. For some residents, it's the time they put on the long white coat; it may be the first code attended, the first time they signed an order as "X Y, MD"; the first time a nurse asked "What should we do, Doctor?" All of these experiences have happened to me, and they made me feel a little bit grown-up, but this one really takes the cake. This one says I'm really an adult and there is NO GOING BACK. This cat is out of the bag.
Friends, I got a jury duty summons the other day, and I CAN NO LONGER JUST TELL THEM I'M A STUDENT SO I DON'T HAVE TO GO!
So here soon, I will present myself to a court house and go through whatever jury duty entails. Somehow I doubt I'll actually get picked for anything, so I predict I'll show up and waste a lot of time and then get to go home $15 richer. Or, just my luck, I'll get seated for a really long trial and be sequestered in a motel surviving on bad sandwiches--it'll be just like a John Grisham novel, except half as exciting.
Adulthood--not all it's cracked up to be? Although the shopping part is pretty fabulous, as well as being over the legal drinking age, and getting to do what I want to do... I guess you have to earn that part somehow, so jury duty, here I come!


Deidre said...

When I emailed and explained that I was a resident, they canceled my summons for me.

AandLsGrandma said...

Welcome to the grown-up world! I don't know about TX, but up here in MA it usually involves sitting around reading, knitting, watching TV until they finally decide that they don't need you after all. There was that one time I ended up on a five day murder trial...we aquitted him of murder but got him for gun possession. Unfortunately, finding him guilty of stupidity wasn't an option!

Casey and Chris said...

I would like to go to jury duty...I know it is weird...but everytime I get summoned it is for a county I no longer reside in. I have to say I hit the grown-up world last Wednesday at 2:55pm when Caden was born.

Rach said...

Do what my mom did I say that you are Pro whatever or anti-whatever the charge is and they'll let ya out like THAT ::snaps fingers:: - or just have someone page you incessantly ever 5 minutes until they let you out due to sheer obnoxiousness.