Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Strong Statement

To those people who chose not to evacuate when placed under mandatory evacuation during Hurricane Ike:

Your decision not to evacuate, despite being warned of storm surge threats and of the threat of the hurricane, has placed hundreds of rescue workers in danger. In addition to having to rescue people who could not leave (those who tried to call 211 and could not obtain help, or those without means or were ill), or those who were in areas without evacuation who experienced flooding or fire, they have to come rescue those of you who said, "well, the last hurricane didn't hit us, so we didn't think this one would hit us, either". I'm sorry your house was flooded, and I'm sorry that you suffered, and fortunately you are still going to get rescued. Unfortunately, though, you are increasing the burden on rescue workers, hospitals, law enforcement, etc, and it's entirely through your own choice. If you have children and didn't evacuate those children, then shame on you for putting them at risk when you were TOLD to leave.

It's akin to a severe diabetic not taking insulin and eating cheeseburgers despite warnings that they could lose their heart, brain, kidneys, and extremities. We will still come fix you, but if you had helped yourself then we'd all be in a much better place.

To everyone in the areas affected by Ike, my thoughts go out to you. I hope everyone is okay.

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Rach said...

bravo. well said.