Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Tropical Storm Edouard? Spelled with three vowels, O-U-A? Oh my god, how gay can you get???" --said a gay friend of mine today

In no way related to the sexual preference implied by the name Edouard, this was one wussy tropical storm, IMHO. A friend in Houston called and said they only got 2 inches of rain. Where are the broken trees, the blown-off roof tiles? The videos of guys riding their bikes through flooded streets saying "This ain't so bad"? Geez!


Allison said...

I was anticipating rain all day. I saw giant dark clouds looming from the south, beyond downtown. I got all excited. And then they ALL DISAPPEARED! What the hell! There has been over 100 degree weather FOR SO LONG AND ALL I WANT IS A LITTLE RAIN!

Edouard is so stupid.

psychmd2b said...

its so nice to see you back.

Anonymous said...

Please keep blogging if at all possible. Your writing reminds me of the feelings I had going through med school/residency 20 years ago.