Monday, April 07, 2008

Hello From Sunny Beijing

I've been having Internet difficulties here, but I might be able to sneak in a short post before going to bed. It's 2143 here in Beijing, and 0743 back home, so I'm having a very difficult time getting in touch with my husband. Email is just not satisfying, but even though my cell phone is working here it costs $2.29 per minute to call home. We've just downloaded Skype but haven't had time where we could attempt calling each other. Ai.

I've already done many of the tourist-y things here, like Tianenmen Square, Forbidden City, and Temple of Heaven. This weekend, we might go to the Summer Palace and the Ming Tombs. And, of course, the shopping. Meccas of cheap goods with fake American or European labels for which you have to barter like crazy. These shopworkers are GOOD. I got taken for an enormous ride for my "authentic" North Face jacket, but I did a lot better on my "Seven" jeans and "Max Mara" short red trench. I'd put in pictures, but my internet connection will not let me upload photos to blogspot right now, which sucks.

We've seen a neurosurgical hospital (very impressive) and a psychiatric hospital (nicer than my county one) so far. Thus far, most of the doctors I've talked with are very well-educated, very smart, and eager to learn from us (and we them). One interesting phenomenon is that most of these doctors very much look down on traditional Chinese medicine--they're not taught it in medical school or residency, and aren't really sure what training those practitioners receive. I think we visit a TCM hospital later in the trip, so I'll learn more. I'll also try to discuss the differences between our health care systems further, but I will say that they are probably more same than different, which is surprising to me.

And now, to prepare for bed, adieu. I would say good night in Chinese, but I can't. Adios, then.


Dragonfly said...

I LOVE Skype. Skype is awesome.
And as for Chinese GP here in regional Australia does acupuncture for a number of his patients.....seems to be coming full circle.

Dragonfly said...

Wow....... That is so beautiful.