Monday, February 11, 2008

Where Have I Been?

No, I didn't fall into a hole in a corner of the morgue, or become one of my own patients, or accidentally get zipped into a body bag. What has been happening in my life?

It all started with my husband getting a job last year. Suddenly, our household income increased from $nothing to $something. At the same time, we grew tired of constantly saying to each other, "I wish we had a house." We'd gone house-hunting several times, and had narrowed down to a general region where we might want to purchase a home. Still, we would need to wait for me to have a residency match with a proof of salary in order for us to buy a house, right?

Well, we found out almost by accident that we could purchase a house now by doing exactly that. We closed on our house in late January and since then my life has been a whirlwind of painting, buying furniture, picking curtains, painting, fixing the backyard fence (our dog has already escaped once--fortunately he came in the front door), trying to save our grass (who plants sod in January?), and painting. Painting took forever. Notice that I did NOT include "packing" in that list. That's because we have 5 boxes packed at this point, and we're moving this Saturday. Yes, I'm freaking out (but who expected anything different, honestly?).

That's where I've been, and that's what I'll be doing all week--packing and moving. I didn't even check my email all weekend (gasp!) because we were so busy, and yet I feel like we didn't get half of what we needed done.

I hate moving. At least I love my house.


punchberry said...

What amazing news-- congratulations!

JensMom said...

Congratulations! Hope the move goes well.

The MSILF said...